Our son attended Learning in Progress for pre-kindergarten. Christine is a wonderful and caring teacher who shows remarkable patience and creativity. She has designed a preschool program that provides structure and variety and kept our active little guy very busy and engaged. After completing the pre-k program, our son was very prepared to enter kindergarten. I would absolutely recommend Learning in Progress to any parents looking for a balance of fun and learning.

by: – Beth Ruby

It is my daughter’s second year at Learning in Progress, it is a pleasure to drop her off every morning and seeing how excited she is to go. She really came out of her shell and learned to developed new social skills. We were really pleased with the diversity of activities the children do. The school seems to be the perfect combination for fun and learning, a great preparation for kindergarten.

by: – Véronique Leonard

Learning in Progress has been the perfect fit for us. My daughter and I find the academic environment ensuring the support we were hoping for. The various activities and field trips are remarkable. The French program shows proficiency with results; and the love and nurturing the children receive is clearly evident in the children’s constantly improving behavior and their smiles. Christine’s dedication, values, creativity, and loving nature have been a blessing in my life and my daughter’s. I highly recommend Learning in Progress.

A parent with elevated standards:

by : Diana Ravagli

“Leaning in Progress offers the balance between learning and fun that I have been looking for. My children are excited to go to school, and eagerly teach me what they learned when they return home. Activities are always fun and creative, to keep little minds interested. Discipline is delivered appropriately and in a loving, sensitive manner.”

by : Alison Palkhivala

I have found David & Orlando’s experience at Learning In Progress PreSchool invaluable to their growth and academic development. Teacher Christine & Madame Militza are both wonderful and caring educators! Their program promotes independence, respect and intellectual growth.

by : Gina

Since my daughter has been at Learning in Progress with Ms. Christine, I have seen her become more confident & make new friends. She always wants to go to school to see her friends and to play. The school has a wonderful relaxed environment that is hard to find in some of the bigger pre-schools. She has also become comfortable, with Mme. Militza’s guidance, in speaking and understanding French. This is comforting as a parent knowing she will be better prepared for Kindergarten next year! Thank you Learning in Progress!

by : Jennifer Pryce

Our daughter attended the Learning in Progress preschool for the 2011-2012 school year.  We were extremely impressed by the dedication, effort and care put into the program and the running of the school by Miss Christine and the rest of her team.  The scholastic program is superb and the activities that were organized for the children, both educational and extra-curricular, were well thought out, age-appropriate and always lots of fun for everyone.  Miss Christine never fails to go above and beyond in her approach to both teaching and entertaining the children, as well as in her communications with the parents.  We were so pleased to have found Learning in Progress and regret only that we didn’t know about it earlier.  Our daughter loved the year that she spent at Learning in Progress and it benefited her tremendously, preparing her in every way for a smooth transition into Kindergarten.

by : Trina Sarin & Jean-Nicolas Corman

Joining Learning in Progress has been an amazing experience. Our son has learned so much with Christine. She works on his social skills. She is preparing him for his kindergarten class. His French has improved, he will actually speak to me in French. The amount of effort that Christine puts into their projects, what they talk about, the field trips and working on daily school activities is incredible. My son has grown both emotionally and academically. Christine is available for support and Learning in Progress is part of our friendship circle. We are so happy to have placed our son with Christine and just wish we would have found her sooner. There is no one that puts more organisation and creativity than Christine. My son will be completely ready for kindergarten and every day loves going to see Miss Christine.

by : Robert and Karen

Being originally from the Uk and having no French background, I needed my son to learn.   There isn’t much, if any choice of French pre-schools in the West Island.  Miss Christine’s pre-school was recommended to me so I started to investigate. The hours were more than great but it’s with the amount of French, academics, general knowledge, crafts, projects, field trips, Yoga and pizza days and special attention to my son that I’ve seen such an improvement in his academic skills, behaviour and respect for other children and adults. I know Miss Christine has prepared my son  for maternelle beyond my expectations.  The only sad thing will be that he won’t be going back in September!  Christine is a very special teacher and carer to her students and I would very highly recommend Learning in Progress Preschool to anyone.

by : Julie

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