Kindergarten Readiness Program

Dear Parents,

I’d like to take a moment and tell you a little about myself. My name is Christine and I am a mom of two and a Special Education Technician.

I have my own private practice called Learning in Progress on the West Island and have been working with children (preschool to elementary school) for over 15 years. I started it as a way to help children who were falling through the cracks and who needed extra support in order to thrive.

My specialty is working with children who are struggling. This means children who either have an official diagnosis or those who are experiencing difficulty on an academic, social or behavioral level.

I have experience with children with ADHD, learning disabilities, speech and language delays, Down Syndrome, shy children, children on the spectrum, children with behavior issues and those children who are having difficulty grasping academic concepts.

Nine years ago, I decided to expand my programming to include preschoolers (Learning in Progress Preschool). The goal was to create a program that was proactive in addressing commonly seen issues by focusing on essential skills children need to practice in order to ensure a smooth transition into Kindergarten (and elementary school).

I recently closed my preschool and decided to go back to my private practice work on a more full- time basis.
I will be offering a Kindergarten Readiness Program for preschoolers 3-5 years old. This program will be geared specifically for children who are experiencing difficulties in such areas as
• grasping academic concepts
• fine motor difficulties
• following directions, remembering steps to a task, taking turns
• speech and language delays

Classes will be offered for 1.5 – 3hrs per week for a duration of 8 weeks. Classes can be in a small group (3-4 children) or one-one one (private class). Cost will vary depending on what option you choose.

Group Classes (options):

Tuesday/Thursday: 8:30-10:00am or 10:30-12:00 or 12:30-2:00pm

Monday/Thursday: 8:30-10:00am or 10:30-12:00 or 12:30-2:00pm

Private/ One -on-one classes: Please call to schedule

I pride myself with being able to really tap into the needs of the children I work with. My goal has always been to create programs that are tailored to the child’s unique strengths and needs in order to help them thrive. I look forward to doing the same for you.

You can call 514-506-4681 to enroll your child or message me via FB for more information or click here to fill out the contact form on our contact page.085269-purple-white-pearl-icon-business-envelope5



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